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UCSB Middle East Ensemble Seher Dance Video

This video is a compilation of dances performed by Seher, the Dance Company of the UCSB Middle East Ensemble, in concerts at UCSB's Lotte Lehmann Hall from the years 1995-2000.

Choreographers featured are: Alexandra King, Tom Bozigian, Laurel Victoria Grey, and Tayyar Akdeniz.

With the magical music of the UCSB Middle East Ensemble, led by Scott Marcus, the dancers bring their audiences an opportunity to see the ever-exciting and entertaining dances from this region of the world.

Cover photo: Jay Farbman
Graphic Design: Megan Yalkut/Hamsa Graphics
Music: The UCSB Middle East Ensemble

All profits from the sale of this video go to the UCSB Middle East Ensemble.

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