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Middle East Ensemble 1995

A collection of songs, dances, and instrumental pieces from the Middle East Ensemble's 1995 concerts. With guest artists Temmo Korisheli, Abdellatif Belharrat, Jenna Melissas.

Click on a link to hear a sample of each song:
These samples are .MP3 files, about 20 seconds of music.
Waslah in maqam Rast:
1) Sama'i Rast
2) Nay Taqasim - Scott Marcus
3) Leh Ya Banafsig - with Temmo Korisheli
4) Violin Taqasim - with Dwight Reynolds
5) Wi-n-Nabi Yamma
6) Ya Man La'ibat Bihi sh-Shamulu
A Set in maqam Ajam, featuring Abdellatif Belharrat:
7) Layali / Mawwal
8) Til'it Ya Mahla Nurha
9) Rampi Rampi - a Turkish song
10) Hicaz Ilahi - a Bekteshi Sufi song
11) Anar Anar - a Persian song
12) Im Chinari Yaru - an Armenian song
13) il-'Alb Ya'shiq - an Umm Kulthum song - with Jenna Melissas
A Short Dance Set:
14) Hibbina
15) 'Ud Taqasim - with Eliot Bates
16) Drum solo
17) Tutah finale

All profits from the sale of this CD go to the UCSB Middle East Ensemble.

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