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Khaliji · Samples

A collection of love songs from the Arabian Gulf.

Click on a link to hear a sample of each song:
These samples are .MP3 files, about 20 seconds of music.
1) Kilmah Walaw Jabri Khatir - You left without a word, without even a note.
2) Ya Nass Ahibah - I love to hear her stories!
3) Laylah - One night, if there is only one night left in my life, I want to spend it with you
4) Abki Ala Ma Jarah li - I cry for my broken heart
5) Ya Danah - The Pearl: For only you my love I give my life.
6) Tarakkad - Slow down, my heart, or you'll be hurt
7) Rahib - Oh God, how precious you are!
8) Rahalty - You went away, leaving me a figure of ridicule and my story is on every tongue
9) Qul Ani Ma Tiqul - You are living in a dream, building castles in the sand.

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