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Naser Musa

Naser Musa started performing on the 'ud and singing while still in school in Amman, Jordan. After immigrating to the U.S. in 1982, Naser received the B.A. in Music at Cal Poly, Pomona and has performed widely, including many concerts and music festivals with A. Jihad Racy, in tours with the famed singer Sabah (around the States and in South America), at the Getty Museum, and at the Hollywood Bowl. In addition to his many recordings with other artists, Naser has recorded three cassettes of 24 songs, which he composed, arranged and performed.

Souhail Kaspar

Master percussionist SOUHAIL KASPAR is known the world over for his brilliant technique, scintillating performances and impeccable teaching skills. A true virtuoso, his musical sensitivity, ability to improvise and embellish the basic rhythmic patterns familiar to Arabic Music, and his extensive knowledge of ethnic musical history have made him unique. His extraordinary talent and inherent feel for Near Eastern percussion instruments, as well as an uncanny ability to pass on both his enthusiasm and knowledge to students, have cemented his position as one of the most highly acclaimed performer/instructors around today. Mr. Kaspar was born in Lebanon, and trained at Nadi al-Fonun al-Arabia (conservatory of Arabic Traditional Music) in Aleppo, Syria, where he became proficient in both classical and ethnic rhythmic patterns and techniques and received a Degree in Classical Arabic Performance. In his twenty five year career, he has traveled extensively in the USA as well as Lebanon, Morocco, Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Greece, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey, South America, Australia, and the UK. His expertise has found him performing with American artists such as Sting and Arabic superstars such as Sabah, Feiruz, Faiza Ahmed, and working with legendary Egyptian composers such as Farid El Atrash, Sayyed Makowi and Hanni Mehanna, and playing in front of many celebrities and dignitaries such as Pope John Paul II, and President and Mrs. Reagan. Additionally, he has an impressive body of recorded work, including credits on the soundtracks for the movies "The Prince Of Egypt", "The Siege", and as a guest percussionist with the cutting edge Kronos Quartet. Souhail is also featured on the Middle East Ensemble's 1994 album.

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